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10+ Character Plays
 Title Author Genre Cast Size
10 Pin Alley Gene Kato  Comedy   7M 5W
18 Holes  Gene Kato Drama  7M 6W 1B
Alice the Brave and Other Tales from Wonderland  Tommy Jamerson  Family 6M 6F  6 M/F
Attack of the Killer B's Sean Abley Comedy  15+ (w/doubling)
Awesome America!  Gibson/Howie/ Kato/Jolly  Drama  20+ (w/doubling)
Death by Shakespeare   Philip L. Nichols  Thriller 12M 9W 
Fairy Tales and Women  Gerald P. Murphy  Chlldren  8M 22W (w/doubling) 
Game Night  Multiple  Shorts   Flexible
Gonnabes  Gardner/Palmer Comedy  7M 5W
Hamlet: Prince of Pork  Gene Kato  Comedy 22+ (w/doubling)
Hilarious Nightmares
 Daniel Guyton
 Dark Comedy
Hilarious Nightmares 2   Daniel Guyton  Dark Comedy Flexible
Hound John Patrick Bray Thriller  5M 5W 
House on Haunted Hill, The  Tommy Jamerson  Thriller   5M 6W
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden  Walter E. Newton Drama  5M 6W
I Don't Think So: Life's Stages 
Katherine H. Burkman
 Monologues  Flexible
Murder for Dummies
 Philip L. Nichols, Jr
 Comedy  8M 5W
Old Fashion Teddy Bear Tale  Gene Kato Children's  5M 5W 5M/W
Renfield: The Dracula Play
Philip L. Nichols, Jr.
 Thriller  13M 8W      
Three Musketeers, The  Carol M. Rice Classic  17M 9W
Unclaimed Mandy Conner  One-Act Drama  7/8 M 7/8 W
Ville du Havre Amanda Bishop Guthrie Drama  8M 7W
Viral Infection  Gene Kato Comedy   6M 4W
Welcome to Chalmette  Mary Kathryn Nagle Drama  6M 5W
When the Day Met the Night Leighza Walker Drama  11 (w/doubling)
Zookeeper's Journal, The  Jon Christie Comedy/Drama 7M 4W
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