18 Holes

by Gene Kato

                  Pre-show lighting from the 2008 Original production in Aurora, CO.

WINNER OF THE 2007 ROCKY MOUNTAIN THEATRE ASSOCIATION BEST PLAY AWARD! The setting is the eighteen greens of the Brazoria Bend golf course in Southeast Texas where four sets of golfers make their way around the course. There is a father who has been given the task of telling his young son that his wife is leaving him, a golden years couple who constantly bicker over the winning power of a pink golf ball, two slackers that are in hot pursuit of the beer girl, and a collection of ladies from the Sunset Society (an organization of women who wear orange hats). The audience is guided through the evening by the course greenskeeper, Lyle – who watches each group as an interested observer. Featuring scenes that range from slapstick comedy to heartfelt drama, Gene Kato’s award-winning script is a true slice of life that everyone can relate to.

Cast Size: 7M 6W 1B
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty Rate: $60 per performance

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