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5-Character Plays

 Title Author  Cast Size
Banshee Brian C. Petti  3M 2W
Civil Rob Matsushita  2M 2W 1M/W 
Exhibit, The (One-Act)
 Chantel Carlson
2M 3W
Fishing  Leighza Walker  2M 3W 
Greater Good, The  Rebecca Gorman O'Neill
3M 2W
Heroines Brian C. Petti  3M 2W
Morisot Reclining William C. Kovacsik  2M 3W
New Truck For Paulie Sean O'Connor  3M 2W
No Blues for the Cabman Ken Crost   3M 2W
Same Life Over, The Mark Medoff
3M 2W
Someone Else's Life  Scott Gibson  3M 2W
Trickster at the Gate John Patrick Bray  3M 2W

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