6 Character Plays

Play TitleAuthorGenreCast SizeLength
A Gulag MouseArthur M. JollyDrama1M 5WFull Length
At Home With the ClarksRand HigbeeComedy3M 3WFull Length
Battles of Richmond Hill, ThePenny JacksonSerioComedy4M 2WFull Length
ComposureScott C. SicklesDrama4M 2WFull Length
Grand JunctionRich RubinDrama2M 4WFull Length
Hairdresser on FireScott C. SicklesDrama4M 2WFull Length
Importance of Being Cecil, Or Cecily, TheDaniel CurzonClassic Retelling3M 2W 1M/FFull Length
In FlightJenny Lyn BaderComedy in Verse3M 3WFull Length
Just For LaughsGene KatoDrama3M 3WFull Length
LampGene KatoComedy4M 2WFull Length
Osama Been LaughingJeremy KehoeComedy5M 1WFull Length
Party, TheKen CrostComedy4M 2WFull Length
Rastus and HattieLisa LangfordSci-Fi Comedy3M 3WFull Length
Single AgainSherry AlpertComedy4M 2WFull Length
Who Killed Harry Hooter?Gene KatoInteractive Murder Mystery4M 2WFull Length

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