Play TitleAuthorGenreCast SizeLength
A Doll HouseWilliam Missouri DownsDrama3M 3W 2B Full Length
Erik: A Play About a PuppetJohn Patrick BrayDark Comedy5M 3WFull Length
Fly in the Windshield Denise O’NealDrama8MFull Length
GalleryScott GibsonComedy4M 4WShorts
I Know What Boys WantPenny JacksonDrama3M 5WFull Length
Lightning Bug, TheRand HigbeeFarce4M 4WFull Length
Lonely Soldier Monologues, TheHelen BenedictDrama7WFull Length
On the Air!Bret JonesFarce5M 3WFull Length
Space Team Go!Sarah Rae BrownSci-fi Comedy1M 1F 1NB 5ANYFull Length
The Terry Stinger ShowCarlos PerezAdult Comedy4M 4WOne Act
Who Collects the Pain?Sean O’ConnorDrama7M 1WFull Length