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A Common Martyr by Michael Weems

The Original Cast from the 2013 Cone Man Running Production in Houston, TX.
Photo Credit: Christine Weems

Oh what the heck, one more drink can't hurt.  Right? Sidney's graduation was supposed to be a mild celebration - a camping trip to celebrate good times and his love of birds.  As the drinks are poured, everyone's innermost desires come to light and the evening's course turns equal parts hilarious and tragic.  Only the innocence of youth, the maturity of a few wise souls, and some fleeting moments of non-inebriation can potentially avoid total catastrophe.   A Common Martyr came in 5th out of 100 for Newman University's 2013 Playwriting Competition.

Cast Size:3M 3W
Running Time: 90 minutes
Genre: Comedy
Royalty Rate: $60 per performance

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