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Alice the Brave and Other Tales from Wonderland
by Tommy Jamerson

Olivia Alexis and Tyler Meyer from the 2012 Alpha Psi Omega production of
Alice the Brave and Other Tales From Wonderland in Bogalusa, LA.

Journey down the rabbit hole with the critically acclaimed Alice the Brave & Other Tales from Wonderland. First commissioned by and performed at Cassidy Park in Bogalusa, LA, this colorful, fun-filled adaptation of Lewis Carrol's timeless masterpiece allows audiences to experience Wonderland like never before! While her parents are away on holiday, poor Alice finds herself bored out of her wits and forced to stay with her dreary Aunt Mathilda at her even drearier summer home. But after accidentally conking herself on the head, Alice discovers that a world of wonder and whimsy awaits her right behind Aunt Mathilda's looking-glass. Littered with talking dodo birds and malicious Red Queens, Alice's adventures teach her not only the importance of bravery, but that being true to oneself is the greatest conquest of all!

Cast Size: 2M 2F 7M/F
Running Time: 45 minutes (One-act) 90 minutes (Full-Length)
Royalty: $40 (One Act) $60 (Full Length) per performance

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