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Bryan Maynard

Bryan Maynard 
is based in Houston, TX where he has spent the majority of his life.  From the works of the greats through the centuries to the deep space travels of Star Trek to the hey-day of horror from Universal Films to the slapstick comedy of the Three Stooges, Bryan has found inspiration in every facet of society for his own writing.  Some of Bryan’s produced work includes:  The Show Might Go On, The Admiral’s Inheritance, Give/Take {co-written with Michael Weems}, Waiting for Othello, Re: Kill the MessengerNext!, She Said/She Said,Real Eyes, Face It, The Element of Sunrise, The Tortoise and the StareLove at First Write, It Takes a Toll, Help Yourself, Past Due, O Hell No! (or The Moor I See, the Moor I Know), St. Patricia’s Day, A Well Kept Man, If You Have to Axe (You’ll Never Know), Darcy Denied and the Super Fantastic Uber Musical!. Lunatic Friends, and You Say Goodbye (I Say Hello).  A few of his works commissioned exclusively for NEXT STAGE PRESS include: White: The Lady Who Would Not Cry {part of the 64 SQUARES play collection}, Knight: The Man Who Would Not Die {part of the 64 SQUARES play collection}, Board to Death {part of the GAME NIGHT play collection} as well as more to come! Bryan is an active board member of Cone Man Running Productions, a Houston-based theatre company dedicated to bringing original works to the stage and giving playwrights a venue to debut their work.  

64 Squares
Game Night 

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