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Children's Plays


 Title Author Cast Size Download Sample
The Brothers Pig  Gene Kato 4 (M or F) Sample
Commotion in the Ocean Stacey Lane Large  Sample
Elf Who Lost Christmas, The Carol M. Rice  Flexible   
Fairy Tales and Women  Gerald P. Murphy Flexible  Sample 
The Flounder and the Fisherman  Gene Kato 1M 1W 1M/F  Sample 
Green Stacey Lane 1W 2 M/F Sample 
Hamlet Gerald P. Murphy   Sample 
Hamlet: Prince of Pork  Gene Kato  Large Flexible Sample 
How to Succeed Against Bullies Gerald P. Murphy   Large  Sample 
Lady or the Tiger  Gerald P. Murphy    Sample
Nun Fun  Gerald P. Murphy    Sample
Old Fashion Teddy Bear Tale  Gene Kato Large Flexible Sample
Olivia Twist  Gerald P. Murphy 
Playboy of the Western World - The Musical  Gerald P. Murphy     Sample  
Rapunzel Gerald P. Murphy    Sample 
Two Tales from Greece  Gerald p. Murphy    Sample 

The Lady or the Tiger - A Musical - click on the audio links below to here the piano accompaniment tracks for this kid's musical.

- "Prologue"

- "Somebody Left Me a Clue"

- "He Means to Do Well"

- "There Must Be a Way!"

- "Wedding Song"

- "Please Tell Us"

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