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Don Wannabe
Daniel Guyton

The Story: A handsome Hollywood player actually wants to be sincere with women, but he just can't seem to do it. His inner monologue keeps taking over.

Cast Size: 1M 1W
Running time: 10 minutes
Royalty Rate: $15 per performance

"Naughty, bawdy, touching, and maniacally funny in turns... A producer and an actress share a conversation over a glass of wine as he slips in and out of brilliant sporadic Shakespearean moments of truth. Hysterical!" (Pat Taylor, Tolucan Times, 2013)

"From award-winning playwright Daniel Guyton, comes the zesty one-act comedy, DON WANNABE. Poor Don can't keep his inner thoughts to himself, as he is overwhelmed by the wiles of a sexy, young actress. Can he win the young lady's company... or will his seedy desires get the best of him?" (Press Release, Darkhorse Dramatists, 2014)

"I saw DON WANNABE at Fall Shorts this past Tuesday... and it went over extremely well. I thought it was the one of the two or three really strong shows of the night and two of the evenings best actors were cast in the leads." (Steven Korbar, Playwright's Binge, 2013)

"The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks has a real trick or treat for you in a series of vignettes done with comical style, varied personalities and in some not-so-ordinary situations.... In DON WANNABE, Gregory James does an amazing performance as a man with a confused inner dialogue... Margot Danis is a model-actress with Hollywood style attitude, with a few desires of her own in an interview with a producer who has ulterior motives." (Lorenzo Marchessi,, 2013)

"I was part of the same play fest at Darkhorse Dramatists that featured this play and it's crazy, crazy funny. Daniel has such a unique, farce-friendly voice and this play makes fun of ego in such a fresh and over the top way." (Catherine Weingarten, New Play Exchange, 2015)

"Just saw two hilarious Dan Guyton comedies, SPAT! and DON WANNABE, which were produced in Disjointed Love Shorts at The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in NYC. They took me back to some gut wrenching laughter at the Last Frontier Fringe Festival in June, courtesy of Dan's deliciously dark sense of humor... Paco got big laughs in SPAT! And the guy playing Don in DON WANNABE was very funny, he had a young Orson Welles persona and delivery." (Jeff Stolzer, Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2013)

"Loved your plays last night at Disjointed Love Shorts! They were really well done... I know most of the actors, and they were just great. They do this amazing creative staging. Your plays got a great response! Congrats!" (Nina Mansfield, Ticket 2 Eternity Productions, 2013)

"Your work is really good, Daniel. I majored in LitCrit... and writers like you are not plentiful. Long may you wave!" (Kelli Brown, Town and Gown Players, 2013)
Produced at Maureen Stapleton Theatre in Troy, NY, 2002
Produced at Alchemical Theatre Laboratory in Manhattan, NY, 2013
Produced by Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA, 2013
Produced by Darkhorse Dramatists in Binghamton, NY, 2014
Produced by Mostly Harmless Productions in Schenectady, NY, 2014
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