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Gene Kato

Gene Kato is a playwright, screenwriter, and founder of the publishing company Next Stage Press. His work has garnished awards and found success in various publications and productions. Dedicated to championing the work of lesser-known playwrights, Mr. Kato founded Next Stage Press in 2009, and his company has started to carve out a small niche in the extremely competitive world of play licensing. His plays, typically, have been described as running the gambit between ultra-real and absurdist. While his writing style has his signature voice, it's been said that none of his plays have the same feel to them. He lives in Commerce City, CO with his wife Jessica, daughters Kira and Harper, and two dogs Remy and Dodger. He is currently writing the first book in the fantasy novel series: The Crystals of Nevin.

10 Pin Alley
18 Holes
Bill's Back
The Brothers Pig
The Flounder and the Fisherman
Hamlet: Prince of Pork
Just For Laughs
King (64 Squares)
The Little Mermaid
Maui Wowee!
Old Fashion Teddy Bear Tale
The Real Tale of Jack and Jill
Viral Infection
Who Killed Harry Hooter?
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