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I'm Not Gay
Daniel Guyton

The Story: A gay man and a homophobe are trapped on an elevator together. Hijinks ensue.

Cast Size: 2M
Running Time: 10 Minutes
Royalty Rate: $15 per Performance

                       Published in the collection HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES

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Winner of the Best Comedy award from the Author’s Playhouse New Author’s Festival in 2005
"A brilliant play about all the hypocrisy about homosexualism (sic) and people either loved it or hated it... just as it should be." (Gudmundur Ingi Thorvaldsson, Theatre Loftkastalinn, 2004)

"One of the funniest fu**in' plays I've ever been involved with." (Mark Adamo, actor, 2012)

"I've been involved with a lot of stage productions. This one was my favorite. So much ridiculousness." (Ron Michaud, actor, 2014)

"Go watch I’M NOT GAY! by Daniel Guyton. It’s the freaking epitome of a closet case. I can't stop laughing!" (anonymous tubmlr review, 2014)

"Just because I like this play, doesn't mean I'm gay. I like lots of straight things too, like wrestling, football, and gladiators. Oh dear." (Barnaby Luke Camp, actor, 2014)

"In I'M NOT GAY!, a short vignette taking place in a New York City building, Guyton’s Gary takes a thinly veiled approach at all questions on gay sex which seem to have haunted him for longer than we can tell. The pay-off is well done, allowing Gary to return to his repressed mindset and catapulting him to what we imagine is his next disastrous encounter." (Michael Weems, Next Stage Press, 2015)

"Double-billed on the show is playwright Daniel Guyton, rounding out the show with the hilarious I'M NOT GAY!" (Natasha Lewin, Tolucan Times, 2013)

"Saw the show last night... Your two pieces were last on the bill and the crowd loved them. I'M NOT GAY! seemed to really hit... Good work!" (Ron Burch, Playwrights Binge, 2013)

"I attended the evening of one acts at Whitefire... The play in the elevator was fun and well done." (Michael Erger, Playwrights Binge, 2013)

10 Minute Play produced at SUNY Albany in Albany, NY, 1999
10 Minute Play produced at Shandaken Play Fair in Phoenicia, NY, 2001
10 Minute Play produced at University of Georgia in Athens, GA in 2001
Full play produced at Maureen Stapleton Theatre in Troy, NY, 2001
Full play produced at Loftkastalinn Theatre in Reykjavic, Iceland, 2005 (translated as Eg Er Ekki Hommi!)
Full play produced at TSI/Play-Time in Manhattan, NY, 2005
10 Minute Play adapted by The Talented Talent Brothers in Manhattan, NY, 2005
10 Minuet Play produced at Author's Playhouse in Bayshore, NY, 2005
10 Minute Play produced by Talegate Productions in New York, 2008
10 Minute Play produced as a short film by Baxter's End Productions, 2009
10 Minute Play produced by OTB Productions in London, England, 2011
10 Minute Play produced by Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA, 2013
10 Minute Play published by Next Stage Press as part of Hilarious Nightmares in 2013
10 Minute Play produced at Morehead State University in Morehead, KY, 2016
10 Minute Play produced by Firecracker Productions in Houston, TX, 2016

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