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Licensing Information

Next Stage Press Licensing Information


Currently all plays in the Next Stage Press collection are available for production.  This can, of course, change overnight.  If you are interested in producing one of our scripts - fill in the form below and we will promptly contact you regarding your request. Typically, the royalty fees are:


$60.00 or $75.00 (Depending on the title) per performance of a Full-Length Play (2 acts or 60+ minutes)

$40.00 per performance for a One-Act (Under 60 minutes)
$15.00 per performance for a short play.

(Exclusive Professional Rates are higher) 

*Please note the 60+ minutes designation as "Full-Length" is per DGA Guidelines. Lower rates (if any) were contractually negotiated with the playwright at the time of contract signing.

Next Stage Press asks that if you are producing an Author's work that you at least purchase the number of acting editions required of the play.  This allows us to pass the money on to the playwrights so they can continue getting paid for their craft.


Performance License Request

Please fill out the information below.  Someone will contact you regarding your request.

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