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Why should I submit my play to NEXT STAGE PRESS?


Good question.  After all, every playwright I know dreams of getting published by either Samuel French, Dramatists Play Service, or Playscripts.  I know I did. But, let’s face it – what we’re really fighting is the law of averages.  The big boys are more concerned with NY and London productions – and, when you break down the numbers and look at the publishing game from an economic standpoint…well, there are a finite number of plays that are going to get published in a given year.  Dramatists and French seem to publish about 60 new plays per year. Of those 60, ½ to 2/3 have enjoyed runs in the Big Apple or the West End.  60 drops to 15-20 in a real hurry.  Those remaining plays are usually scripts that have received successful commercial runs at one of the various LORT Theatres around the country and arrive at the publishing houses with fairly sturdy reviews from the major papers.  That leaves a mere handful of slots for new writers.  Those are not good odds.  Not impossible…but…well, you do the math.


Next Stage Press is a publisher that’s founded BY a playwright.  While no one will argue that NYC is the center of the Theatrical World (well, London might, but…) the fact remains that it’s the rest of the United States that keeps the playwrights in business after the pomp and circumstance of their initial run. This is who we want to reach – the rest of the USA.  I firmly believe that if the rest of the country knew about all of the wonderful scripts that basically “die on the vine” waiting for their second production – many of those wonderful plays might just survive.  


So, this company was launched to take the load off of NYC by offering a place for writers across the United States to have a better shot at being recognized.  NY is great – but there are only so many plays that can be published.


So – give us a try.  Purchase some plays.  Submit something.  I know we can accomplish great things and keep the good work going.  We will champion the American playwright – for without him/her – all of us are out of work.


Gene Kato

May 1, 2009

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