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New Acquisitions

These plays have not yet been published in acting editions - but are coming soon!
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Viv!: (The Story Behind the Legend) by Jim Tommaney
1M 1W

This romantic comedy confronts the three central questions in Vivien Leigh's all-too-brief life: her mental illness, her voracious sexual enthusiasm, and the question of whether she was a great actress or just a great beauty. She is called back from the Great Beyond by a young man, a devoted fan, and Viv provides details on her Oscar films: A Streetcar Named Desire (and on Marlon Brando), on Gone with the Wind, and on her Tony Award for the musical Tovarich, as well as her two-decade marriage to Lauence Olivier and a number of other significant relationships. All told with the gaiety and wit that was her trademark.


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