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New Acquisitions

These plays have not yet been published in acting editions - but are coming soon!
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Child's Play by Kevin D. Ferguson
3M 5W 1F Child

How do you prepare a little girl to slay a dragon?

A traumatized child who has stopped speaking is helped by a therapist who
struggles to peel back the layers of mistrust by entering the internal world of this little girl to help her confront the dragon that has stolen her voice and now threatens to completely destroy her.

Viv!: (The Story Behind the Legend) by Jim Tommaney

1M 1W

This romantic comedy confronts the three central questions in Vivien Leigh's all-too-brief life: her mental illness, her voracious sexual enthusiasm, and the question of whether she was a great actress or just a great beauty. She is called back from the Great Beyond by a young man, a devoted fan, and Viv provides details on her Oscar films: A Streetcar Named Desire (and on Marlon Brando), on Gone with the Wind, and on her Tony Award for the musical Tovarich, as well as her two-decade marriage to Lauence Olivier and a number of other significant relationships. All told with the gaiety and wit that was her trademark. 


The Tell-Tale Heart by Bradley Nies
Adapted from the Story by Edgar Allen Poe
2M 2W

In the New York City Asylum for the Insane in 1843, Eliza Clemm tells the story of how she murdered her father, Edgar Clemm. In doing so, she desperately insists that she is not insane and beseeches the audience to understand her hatred for the old man’s “vulture” eye. As she is repeatedly told by an unfeeling nurse, a brutish orderly, and the memory of her cruel father that the asylum is where she belongs, Eliza begins to accept her fate and considers embracing her new life among the lunatics. This retelling of Edgar Allen Poe’s frightening tale retains the horror found in his original short story.

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