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New Acquisitions

These plays have not yet been published in acting editions - but are coming soon!
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The Boys from Houston Heights by Bradley Nies

2M 1M/W Various male voices

While searching for your dreams, be wary of the nightmares. Based on the Houston Mass Murders, a series of homicides that took place in Houston, Texas between 1970 and 1973, this biodrama depicts the fictitious relationship between a male prostitute and a sadistic "lust" killer. As the story unfolds, the play explores the possibility that real-life serial killer Dean Corll may have been raping and murdering teenage boys from a part of Houston known as The Heights from as early as the mid-1960s. In doing so, the play also depicts a young man's struggle to remove himself from the influence of one of America's "monsters."

Viv!: (The Story Behind the Legend) by Jim Tommaney
1M 1W

This romantic comedy confronts the three central questions in Vivien Leigh's all-too-brief life: her mental illness, her voracious sexual enthusiasm, and the question of whether she was a great actress or just a great beauty. She is called back from the Great Beyond by a young man, a devoted fan, and Viv provides details on her Oscar films: A Streetcar Named Desire (and on Marlon Brando), on Gone with the Wind, and on her Tony Award for the musical Tovarich, as well as her two-decade marriage to Lauence Olivier and a number of other significant relationships. All told with the gaiety and wit that was her trademark. 


The Fourth Ward by Amanda Bishop Guthrie

The Fourth Ward is a historic drama loosely based on events in the life of Jacob Riis, the author of How the Other Half Lives.  It is the story of how he used his revolutionary new invention, flash photography, to bring light to the horrible living conditions of immigrants in New York City in the early 1900s.  This heavy ensemble piece begins with Riis capturing photographs and crossing paths with the Vasnetov and McCauley families—Russian and Irish immigrants sharing tenement housing in the fourth ward.  Riis begins a partnership with Aleksandrina Vasnetov that blossoms into romance. Meanwhile, we discover the struggles that the families must endure because of the poor living conditions—lack of space to continue dancing as they did Russia, mental health issues, separation from family members, and harsh dealings with New York City gangs.  Through the heartache of these events, Riis is able to inspire the families and bring about social change.

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