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New Acquisitions

These plays have not yet been published in acting editions - but are coming soon!
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The House on Haunted Hill
5M 6W

You’re cordially invited to a party to die for. Adapted from the Vincent Prince classic, The House on Haunted Hill tells the twisted tale of millionaire Frederick Lauren, his fourth wife Annabelle, and five, money-hungry guests who will each received fifty thousand dollars if they stay in a supposedly haunted house until sunrise. Filled with double crosses, jilted lovers, a wicked sense of humor, and a restless spirt or two, Haunted Hill proves to be a night you’ll never forget.

The Mother of God Visits Hell by Daniel Guyton
2M 2W Flexible ensemble w/ doubling

Based on a poem described in "The Brothers Karamazov" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and written in rhyming Iambic pentameter. The Virgin Mary travels to hell to comfort the souls in torment. While there, she condemns her own soul to save those of all mankind - much to God's dismay. What erupts is a war between Heaven and Hell, with all of our souls in the balance.

Viv!: (The Story Behind the Legend) by Jim Tommaney
1M 1W

This romantic comedy confronts the three central questions in Vivien Leigh's all-too-brief life: her mental illness, her voracious sexual enthusiasm, and the question of whether she was a great actress or just a great beauty. She is called back from the Great Beyond by a young man, a devoted fan, and Viv provides details on her Oscar films: A Streetcar Named Desire (and on Marlon Brando), on Gone with the Wind, and on her Tony Award for the musical Tovarich, as well as her two-decade marriage to Lauence Olivier and a number of other significant relationships. All told with the gaiety and wit that was her trademark.


Unclaimed by Mandy Conner

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