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Poisoned Apples
Daniel Guyton

Sylvia Veith and Richard Hummel from the 2016 Onstage Atlanta
production of Poisoned Apples

Two old women plan an unforgettable Halloween celebration for the children in their neighborhood.

Cast Size:1M 2W
Running Time: 10 Minutes
Royalty Rate: $15 per performance

This play is published in Hilarious Nightmares 2

Finalist for the Best Actor Award (Ian Ramsey) from, 2016
"I just wanted to let you know that the play recordings went really well and that [POISONED] APPLES went down with great delight. [It] was absolutely delicious to hear." (Jon Coupe, Blackwell Playhouse, 2015)

"Loved the play... Satan was really fun." (Stephanie Hojin, playwright, 2015)

"I just listened to [the radio play] - it got me into the Halloween spirit! I really liked the authentic English accents. And the real audience laughter was a nice touch. Congratulations!" (Martha Patterson, Playwrights Binge, 2015)

"What fun, Dan! You have a slightly warped sense of humor, and I enjoyed it. I agree with Martha that the English accents were delicious and the spontaneous laughter a treat." (Nancy Gall- Clayton, Playwrights' Binge, 2015)

"The reverb voice of the devil gave me goosebumps and giggles. Congratulations and have a Happy Halloween!" (Margaret Huber, Playwrights' Binge, 2015)
Produced by Darkhorse Dramatists in Binghamton, NY, 2014
Staged Reading at the Process Theatre's Play Day Read-A-Thon in Atlanta, GA, 2014
Produced by Backwell Playhouse as a Radio Drama in Bristol, UK, 2015
Produced by Onstage Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, 2016

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