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Romance is Dead
Daniel Guyton

The Story: Dr. Edward Bainsbridge has been arrested for a terrible crime - interfering with a dead body. Four dead bodies, to be exact. Come hear his terrible confession, which will shock you, repulse you, and might even make you laugh...

Cast Size: 1M
Running Time: 15 minutes
Royalty Rate: $15 per performance

Published in the collection HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES

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Semi-Finalist in the Spotlight On: One Person Play Competition (2012)
Excerpt published in Best Men's Stage Monologues of 2014 by Smith Kraus (2014)
"Extremely well-written and deplorably funny." (Geri Albrecht, Heuer Publishing, 2007)

"Your show is wonderful. I feel that it is one of the strongest pieces in the [Grand Guignol Festival]." (Ravyn Jazper-Hawke, Third Eye Theatre, 2011)

"I've read Dan's play and it's sick. And very, very good. I wish I'd written it." (Mark Cornell, Playwrights' Binge, 2012

"Thanks for writing such an awesome piece. I've had a great time with this role and I haven't been this excited about an opening night in a long time. It's stuff like this that made me fall in love with acting in the first place." (Charlie Pierce, Third Eye Theatre, 2011)

"The actor who is doing ROMANCE [IS DEAD] is an old friend of mine... I sent him a copy of the script. He loved it! I forgot how twisted his sense of humor is. He is doing amazing things with the script and we are both enjoying the rehearsal process." (Deborah Smola, Black Sheep Theatre Ensemble, 2013)

"OMG! ROMANCE [IS DEAD] and [THE SINS OF] REBETHANY [CHASTAIN] are some fine pieces of dark comedy! Thank you for your twisted mind! Haha! I say that with the utmost respect and love." (Diane Mashia, Black Sheep Theatre Ensemble, 2013)

"Half a dozen corpses. Where do I find the stamina?"... Romance may be dead, but hilarity is alive and well in this beyond-the-Pale messed up offering from playmaster Guyton. Reckon it's the first necrophilia comedy I've read...will it be the last?" (Bryan Stubbles, New Play Exchange, 2018)

"I am playing Bainsbridge in the Black Sheep Theater (Rochester, NY) production of ROMANCE IS DEAD. Love the piece - very funny and challenging... Getting deeper and deeper into this intense role... I love the role and the audience seemed to enjoy it very much (they laughed in all the right places, and seemed creeped out in certain parts - exactly what you intended, I believe)." (Dan Plumeau, Black Sheep Theatre Ensemble, 2013)

"Daniel, I have to tell you, I absolutely love ROMANCE IS DEAD and Tony [Yajko] loved it too. Definitely one to shoot for, for Tales From the Script come Halloween season!" (Mickey Ray, Darkhorse Dramatists, 2015)

"ROMANCE IS DEAD, a monologue about 50-year-old Dr. Edward Bainsbridge, tips the scales towards the recently incarcerated Bainsbridge honestly tells of his perversion and how he slowly developed his need for this connection. The play brings to mind Neil Labute’s Wrecks in both tone, color, and effectiveness of balancing past and present within a lengthy monologue." (Michael Weems, Next Stage Press, 2015)
Produced at University of Georgia in Athens, GA, 2004
Produced by Third Eye Theatre as part of Grand Guignol 3 - Menage e Trois Festival in Portland, OR, 2011
Excerpt performed at Collaborations Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, 2011
Produced at Emerging Artist Theatre's One Man Talking Festival in Manhattan, NY, 2012
Staged Reading at Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, AK, 2012
Published by Original Works Publishing in 2013
Published by Next Stage Press as part of Hilarious Nightmares in 2013
Produced by Black Sheep Theatre Coalition in Rochester, NY, 2013
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