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Say Hi to Agnes for Me
Daniel Guyton

Jess is an older woman in an all-female penitentiary, here helping a younger prisoner learn the ropes.

Cast Size: 1W
Running Time: 10 Minutes
Royalty Rate: $15 per performance

                    Published in the collection HILARIOUS NIGHTMARES 2

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Excerpt published in Best Women's Stage Monologues of 2016 by Smith & Kraus, 2016
"The last play is SAY HI TO AGNES FOR ME, starring Peg Thon as a prison-hardened woman speaking to what appears to be a new cellmate. The overall menacing tone is relieved by a variety of anecdotes, but by only a couple of comic elements. This is a bleak, wonderfully acted piece that truly captures the psyche of a woman marked by her criminal past, but also twisted by her time in confinement. It’s powerful stuff." (Playgoer,, 2015)

"Jess, a prisoner going on 40 years in confinement, is a complex character. You might not identify with her, but she definitely deserves our understanding and our empathy. Yes, she has her vices, but she also has her virtues. She has the positive and negative traits that actors want in the greatest characters. She has a tragic past, but she's found some happiness in the present - and that shows us her strength. She has a rare fortitude - she will survive in her cell city until she dies. Better listen to her, learn the ropes, get close to her." (Asher Wyndham, New Play Exchange, 2015)

"This was a spectacular show... Peg Thon nearly scared the pee-pee out of me. Parents, teach your children well to keep them out of prison!" (David Fisher, Working Title Playwrights, 2015)

"Riveting, Peg! I was just enthralled from beginning to end. Boy, are you good! You rock!" (Barbara Bruce, Atlanta Fringe Festival, 2015)
Produced at Atlanta Fringe Festival in Atlanta, GA, 2015
Produced at Classic City Fringe Festival in Athens, GA, 2015
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