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The Real Tale of Jack and Jill
Gene Kato

The Original Cast of The Real Tale of Jack and Jill performed at Stephen F. Austin University in 1997

HE REAL TALE OF JACK AND JILL gets to the bottom of what actually happened that day up on the famous "hill". Jack and Jill are 25 years old and still living in their parent's ramshackle hut - sans plumbing. When their cousin Dave and his friend George unexpectedly drop by on their way to Waxahachie, TX to become professional kissers - the day quickly deteriorates. Before long, the foursome find themselves up on the hill battling falling buckets of water, flying knives, mad cow disease, and amnesia. The truth would have come out years ago if Mother Goose wasn't such a pathological liar.

Cast Size: 3M 1W
Running Time: About an Hour
Royalty: $40 per performance 

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***NOTE*** In its current form, The Real Tale of Jack and Jill is meant for an adult audience.  The play can be trimmed to accommodate younger audiences and cutting for those purposes is granted in advance.
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