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Viral Infection
by Gene Kato

The Original Cast from the 2013 Cone Man Running Production in Houston, TX.
Photo Credit: Christine Weems

VIRAL INFECTION follows the strange case of the delusionary illness of Dexter Runyan. When Mr. Runyan contracts a strange virus that causes him to slip in and out of consciousness everyone fears for his very life. However, when all of the best doctors in the world are unable to cure him - the family takes a different approach and gets the two worst doctors in the world (a complete idiot from Queens and a bizarre Indian) to give it a try. The catch is: Neither man will accept money. Instead, each "doctor" insists that Dexter's oldest daughter, Candice, give herself to the man able to bring her father back from the brink of death.

Cast Size:6M 4W
Running Time: 2hrs 
Royalty: $60 per performance

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