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What Mildred Did!
by John F. Green

Charles Harrison III has one driving ambition: to write a bestselling novel. Unfortunately, his unorthodox research antics, coupled with his inability to write even a single paragraph of coherent narrative, ensures he will never be published. Charles' passion for his art has Gwen, his poor neglected wife, at her wits end. To complicate matters - much to Charles' dismay - Mildred the couple's live-in housekeeper, has written a wonderful new novel - one that promises to be a best seller! But a situation arises when it comes to the book's authorship. What has Mildred done? And does the household's sarcastic gay chef, Lorenzo, know more than he should? Into the confusion comes Mr. Fenwick, Charles' publisher. Or is he Mildred's publisher? Something odd is going on at the Harrisons because of What Mildred Did!

Cast Size: 3M 2W
Running Time: approx 100 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance

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