Absence Makes the Heart…

by Sean Abley

The Story: If a dancer falls in the forest…

The ripple effect caused by the disappearance of a ballet dancer, as told to us by those affected, near and far. A modern-day reimagining of THE RED SHOES, told in monologues for 1 to 20 actors.

Cast Size: 5W, 1M
Running Time: Approx 85 minutes
Genre: Drama
Royalty: $60 per performance

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Kevin Ferguson

Sean Abley’s Absence Makes the Heart… is an engaging one-act that leaves the viewer on the edge of their seat. At first glance a monolgue play, in reality it is a play in which every scene reveals just little bit more about the life and death of a young dancer named Karen. Every emotional revelation puts a piece of the puzzle together, yet at the end of the play the audience realizes that ultimately no one knows for certain what is happening in the mind of another. Riveting, deftly written, and worth reading and producing.

1 year ago

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