Amulets for Garthenon and Other Short Comedic Plays
Jake Hunsbusher

Amulets for Garthenon: and Other Short Comedic Plays, Is a collection of silly shorts created with low production requirements in mind. There are no set changes within the individual plays and the three plays in the “Living Room Phone Call Trilogy” (Amulets for Garthenon, Oh Brother, Where Aren’t Thou?, and The Pizza Man) can even be performed with the exact same set. These plays are simple and fun for performers and simply funny for the audience!

(Amulets for Garthenon)
The play starts off as a groaning parody of your typical odd- couple-lite, live-audience, sitcom. Brook, a drifter, shows up uninvited to Avery’s apartment while he waits for his date to arrive. However, we soon find out that these characters are not who they say they are and this cheesy mocking of sitcom standard-fare becomes something more akin to a Star- Trek plot with a Brechtian bent.

(Class Presentation on Ritual)
An elementary class attempts to perform a short theatrical presentation on ritual. Things do not go as planned.

(The Pizza Man)
Jessica has just been broken up with by her boyfriend when she receives a surprise visit from a Pizza delivery man who insists she pay for a pizza she didn’t order.

(Bad Play Festival)
Two playwrights pick apart each other’s work in their monthly playwriting workshop.

(Oh Brother, Where Aren’t Thou?)
Derek’s brother Jerry comes calling with a wild theory about their mother’s recent strange behavior.

Cast Size: Flexible
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance ($15 for works under 15-minutes)

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