by Brian C. Petti

Banshee follows Jerry Sullivan (Junior) as he tries to reestablish himself after time spent in a psychiatric hospital. Despite his domineering Irish-born mother Kit, Junior’s policeman brother Neil sets him up with a new job and eventually with a new girlfriend. Kit, however, is convinced the newcomer is a “banshee”, the mystical wailing Irish creature that foretells imminent death. Junior tries desperately to cling to his sanity while he questions his mother’s motives, his new relationship and the possibility of truth behind the myth. Banshee is part psychological thriller, part family drama/ comedy and part ghost story. With humor and pathos, the play explores the nature of familial relationships and the struggle to overcome one’s personal demons.

Cast Size:2M 2W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance

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