Broken Birds
Sean O’Connor

THE STORY: In Sean O’Connor’s hysterical and dark one-act, birds, thousands of them, gather one morning along the Jersey turnpike, all the way up to New York City, unable to move. And Alex Bennet, a huge TV star, local boy made good (whose life is spinning a bit out of control) has returned to his N.J. hometown, to Somerset, for the first time in years. One evening, at his motel near the turnpike, he receives a surprise visit from a guy he grew up with, “McCarts” (Dave McCarthy), an odd, simple working- class guy who never left the area. Little does Alex know that the seemingly naive McCarts, who has been watching Alex obsessively for years on TV, is not here for a sweet, nostalgic stroll down Memory Lane. He’s here to seek retribution for a horrible wrong committed upon him by Alex way, way back when they were kids – a retribution that will alter the course of both of their lives…forever. 

Cast Size: 3M
Running Time: 1 hour
Royalty: $40 per performance

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