Dead Movement
John Patrick Bray

THE STORY: Welcome to the Rosendale Hotel where guests can stay a night, a week, a month, or a lifetime. Enter Patrick, a harmonica-playing stranger who meets local inhabitants such as Joe Joe, a mechanic and tow-truck operator with dreams of being a car salesman; a Resident that insists they are just drinking tea, nothing stronger; and Rachel, the “Pastel Goth” concierge whose only pleasures in life come from watching the various residents torture themselves as if she were watching a reality show. There’s also a wolf circling outside, a suitcase full of money (or is it just bones?), and transformations that seem to happen by bargaining with the Universe. Described by an audience member as an “absurdist Hot L Baltimore,” Dead Movement is the hauntingly humorous story of people who want to disappear, and others who want to be seen; both are desperate impulses which, when followed, lead to funny, complicated, uncanny results. 

Dead Movement was a Semifinalist for the Third Annual New Comedies Festival at B Street Theatre.

Cast Size: 2M 1W 1M or W
Running Time:90 minutes
Royalty: $75 per performance

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