Fix Number Six
by Jerry Polner

Jane is a 40-ish travel agent whose career is going nowhere. Hounded by an idiot boss, she dreams of pursuing her true calling: being an international spy. When her rich, freaky would-be customer Fred wants to take a daring trip to impress the girlfriend who left him, Jane per-forms a ballad dance version of the perfect excursion to Bhutan. But instead of buying the trip, Fred hires Jane to “fix” his life with what-ever tawdry subterfuge is necessary. Jane impersonates a lawyer to rough up Fred’s sister, spies on his ex-wife, and attempts a street heist to collect from one of his deadbeat clients. Jerry Polner’s madcap comedy will keep the audience zipping along with Jane as she fixes one problem, then fixes two problems…all on her journey to, ultimately, fix number six. 

Cast Size:4M 3W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance

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