Hamlet: Prince of Pork
by Gene Kato
Based on some play by Shakespeare

Dan Langhoff and Paul A. Page in the 2015 late-night production of Hamlet: Prince of Pork 

at Vintage Theatre in Aurora, CO.

This uproarious adaptation of the Shakespearean classic is set in the castle Shish-ka-bob in the land of Pork where all of the characters . . .are pigs. Every scene from the classic tale is represented as poor Hamlet tries desperately to avenge the death of his father (King Omelet). Turning the classic on it’s ear – this version features a collection of orthodox Jewish wolves, pigs a plenty, and a tap dancing pork chop – all culminating in a final confrontation featuring death, mayhem, and a sword fight with giant skewers.

Cast Size: Flexible
Running Time: 1hr 45 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance

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** Note – Hamlet: Prince of Pork in it’s current version is NOT a kid’s play. It is intended to be an adult comedy. However, we do allow cutting to make this suitable for schools.

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