Jeff Dunne

Ophistopheles (the demon responsible for photocopiers jamming at the worst possible moment and other office-related suffering), Incubeth (the demoness who oversees bad dating decisions), and Ahmenahmenon (who torments dieters by making them hungry in the middle of the night) have set about to capture an angel. Unfortunately, they instead wind up summoning the incredibly observant Angelina, along with her lifelong friend Devlin and his newly-found, demon-worshipping girlfriend Lacey. Will the humans be trapped in hell forever? Will they discover what is going on before the honorary demon Robert (who brought us Robert’s Rules of Order) leads Lucifer to the summoning chamber? Are vinegar and brimstone potato chips the next big craze? And what is the role of Fezdemona, the demoness of all hat-based suffering? These questions and many others will be answered in the divinely infernal comedy, Hellbent.

Cast Size: 6M 4W
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Royalty: $75 per performance

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