Just For Laughs

by Gene Kato

The Original Cast from the 2004 Next Stage production in Lakewood, CO

On the eve of her wedding, Jodi, a stand-up comic, is having more than just the usual cold feet – she’s on the brink of calling the entire event off and has locked herself in the upstairs bathroom. While her brother Sam and his girlfriend Tina try to coax her out and get to the bottom of the problem – the evening goes from bad to worse. Jodi has learned that her fiancĂ©, John (another stand-up comic), has been unfaithful to her and as the long night creeps into the wee hours of the morning – Jodi wonders what other secrets might be lurking under the surface of the relationship. Before the evening is over, the truth comes out and everyone’s view of love and commitment is pushed to the limits – as present and past relationships send everyone into a tangled web of emotional ruin. 

Cast Size: 3M 3W
Running Time: 1 hr 45 min
Royalty: $60 per performance

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