Liner Notes
John Patrick Bray

Alice, the daughter of a rock-and-roll legend, finds George, her father’s first guitarist and the one man noticeably absent from his funeral, in order to bring him to visit her father’s grave. Liner Notes reminds us that the past is only as amazing as the one who gets to write it down.

Cast Size: 1M 1W
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance

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Donald E. Baker

Intergenerational rock story

George is the forgotten member of a once-popular rock band with a charismatic lead singer. There’s much about the experience he’d rather forget, but the quirky daughter of that now deceased front man barges in demanding answers and forcing George to confront his memories. This is a terrific inter-generational story embedded in a generous helping of rock history. With the right cast it might well be unforgettable.

1 year ago

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