Minor Inconveniences

Ever have trouble getting the lid off the mayonnaise jar? Ever not be able to find the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle you’ve been working on for a month? Ever wondered why life is full of things that inconvenience us? After hitchhiking along Houston’s busy FM 1960, a young waitress comes face to face with an unlikely duo who claim to be responsible for the minor inconveniences in our lives

Cast Size: 2M 1F
Running Time: 40 minutes
Royalty Rate: $40 per performance


Caroline Nobles in a single mother living in the small Texas town of Horsenettle with her eight year-old daughter. At first glance, we think Caroline to be the epitome of the perfect mother. As the story unfolds, however, we find that Caroline will do anything to keep her daughter happy…including blackmail, lying, causing personal injury, and even murder!

Cast Size: 1M 1W
Running Time: 40 minutes
Royalty: $40 per performance 

** Note ** Royalty is $60 per performance when both plays are performed as a single evening of Theatre

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