Murder For Dummies

by Philip L. Nichols, Jr.

It is 1930. Vaudeville is still going strong and Radio is causing a sensation. Famed radio and Vaudeville Ventriloquist and amateur sleuth “The Great Lester” Winchell along with his wisecracking dummy sidekick Corky is hired to entertain at the weekend party of multibillionaire William Vanderby to commemorate the sixth month passing of his mother. In attendance at the party are the entire Vanderby clan as well as an oddball mix of assorted houseguests. As the party begins, Hurricane Clementine makes landfall at Vanderby Point cutting the party off from the outside world. Through the course of a stormy evening, several of the guests are murdered forcing Corky and Lester to solve the “whodunit” with hilarious results.

  • Cast Size: 8M 5W
  • Running Time: 2 hrs
  • Royalty Rate: $60 per performance

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