by Madeline Daly Puccioni

PIERCINGS is a collection of sad and hilarious love stories, some of which may be autobiographical.   COOLEY’S REEL tells of a loving Irish Da, who comes back from the dead to walk his daughter Shauna down the aisle on her wedding day…if she’ll let him do that now,  given his new gender.  DARK WINDOWS tells of Steve and Raine, a couple whose marriage has been built around lost love and layers of lies; will Jules help them find the truth at the center of the pearl?.  PLAYLAND FOREVER tells of Richard and Leslie,  a couple whose invisible friends, Zoltar and Laffin’ Sal, may  help them  realize how to live the lives they truly need.   MANHATTANS IN MONTCLAIR tells of Steele and Risa, an older  couple who share a dangerous secret, which will force Steele to tell the truth—to Risa as well as his girlfriend, Zahra.  THE TALE OF SETSUMI AND HER BELOVED NOBU tells of Nobu’s grief as he longs for his lost SETSUMI.  Will he find the courage to outwit Namazu (a river monster) and Lord Shinigami (Lord of the Dead)?  Can he  perform an impossible task, and help Setsumi’s spirit travel to the Pure Land—though in doing so,  he may lose her forever?  Perhaps the entire anthology may best be summarized in the prologue:

Love and  loss, 

laughter and tears

await  each one of us here

stronger than anger 

stronger than fear

stronger than death —

though death may us part–

the love that pierces

a human heart

  • Cast Size: 2M 3W (Expanding possible)
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

Madeline Daly Puccioni is happy to be back at her real work, after grading English 1A papers for 30 years..  Her first full-length play, TWO O’CLOCK FEEDING, was produced by The Magic Theatre in SF in 1980 and published in West Coast Plays IV.  Raising a family and teaching college English full time left little time to write plays, but since retiring, she’s had over 40 productions of her short plays, all over the world, and her one-act, PLAYLAND FOREVER, won a spot in the William Inge Festival in 2018.   She’s working on a full-length musical, FINDING MEDUSA, and she’s finishing up two new full-length  dramas, TIME AFTER TIME AGAIN and MONTICELLO 2020.  Scene One of MONTICELLO 2020 won a spot in PlayHouse Creatures’ Emerging Playwrights Festival, NYC, in January 2021, and TIME AFTER TIME AGAIN has won a spot in Ross Valley Playhouse’s R.A.W. Festival, in May 2020.  (Covid willing)  THE TALE OF SETSUMI AND HER BELOVED NOBU was a finalist in Red Bull Theatre’s New Plays Festival, 2021.  As we emerge from virtual theatreland, her WONDER PEOPLE will have a full production in Santa Cruz Actors Theatre’s New Plays Festival, and WAR BABIES will be included in STAGE IT!’S New Plays Festival, and published in Stage It! V, and also published in Qu MAGAZINE.  Her new full-length play,  PIERCINGS, a collection of sad and hilarious love stories,  will be published soon by NEXT STAGE PRESS. Madeline is 76,  has a nice little pension and great healthcare.  She plans to live ‘til she is 106. She writes from the heart, and she writes to the bone, and she writes to celebrate our common humanity. Her characters come to her and demandlife,and she gives them her own. She  lives with her dear Monroe and their insane Rat Terrier, KiKI,  in beautiful Oakland, California.   She’s having fun.

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