Raw and Other Short Plays

by Victoria Z. Daly

A collection of one-act dark comedies, dramedies and absurdities by award-winning playwright Victoria Z. Daly. Includes the titles RAW, HIGH WATER LINE, FAR NORTH, CIRCLING THE GLOBE, BOTTOM OF THE ORDER, WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT (#AFTER THE BANS,) and FINAL REST. By turns intimate, unsettling, politically pointed, and hilarious, these plays for 1-3 actors feature humans desperate to connect with each other. Grieving, clueless, wounded and wounding, the characters often find themselves ensnared in over-the-top physical situations. See why these plays, vows one producer, make the audience “squirm, gasp and laugh all in the same breath.”

  • Cast Size: Flexible
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes (Full Version), 10-minutes (individual plays)
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance, $10 for individual plays

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Doug DeVita

Excellent Collection

Victoria Z. Daly is a master at the short play form, and this collection shows her at her best. There is not one script here that isn’t stunning in its depth, characterizations, and multi-layered storytelling. Every play is a wonderful work that lives as vividly on the page as on the stage. Recommended most highly.

9 months ago

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