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Innocent Thoughts

Innocent ThoughtsbyWilliam Missouri Downs Arlen Weinberg, a Jewish anthropologist, is called to be an expert witness in a murder trial. The accused: a white police officer. His alleged crime: murdering a black man twenty years ago and burying the bones in the dirt floor beneath his brownstone. When Arlen arrives, he is shocked to find […]

A Doll House

A Doll House by Heinrik Ibsen Adapted by William Missouri Downs Ibsen’s classic gets a fresh new Two Act adaptation by playwright William Missouri Downs providing an accessible text tailored for a 21st century audience. Nora Helmer finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place as she tries desperately to stave off news […]

8 Character Plays

Play Title Author Genre Cast Size Length A Doll House William Missouri Downs Drama 3M 3W 2B  Full Length Erik: A Play About a Puppet John Patrick Bray Dark Comedy 5M 3W Full Length Fly in the Windshield Denise O’Neal Drama 8M Full Length Gallery Scott Gibson Comedy 4M 4W Shorts I Know What Boys […]

1-2 Character Plays

Play Title Author Cast Size Length Archipelago Caridad Svich 1M 1W Full Length Cassandra at 10th and Elm Scott Gibson 1M 1W Short Endpapers Jo Brisbane 2W Full Length Five Square Mark Ogle 1M 1W One-Act Innocent Thoughts William Missouri Downs 2M Full Length Kitty and Lina Manuel Igrejas 2W Full Length Liner Notes John […]