Six Sour Raspberries
Scott Gibson

In Six Sour Raspberries, the universal concept of unrequited love is explored in alternatively comedic and dramatic sequences that unfold over the course of five years in the lives of Duv, a thirty-something writer and his best friend since high school, Callie. Duv has long carried a torch for his friend Rob who is in a committed relationship elsewhere, and Callie is making the first tentative overtures to Lori, a new co-worker. Told in fast-paced scenarios that play out with almost no break between, the audience bears witness to clumsy attempts at flirtation, heartfelt confessions of true feelings, and a heated debate over just who is the sexiest castaway on Gilligan’s Island.

Cast Size: 2M 2W
Running Time: 90 minutes
Royalty: $60 per per formance

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