Spice of Life

by Susan Cinoman

Spice of Life, a collection of short plays about the stages of living: Birth, Love, and Death.  In Mother’s Milk– A new mother faces the horrors of being alone with her newborn baby who appears to her as a glamorous vamp from another era, demanding martinis and rejecting her mother’s breast milk. A sadistic Breast Consultant, who specializes in getting babies to “latch on,” and a disinterested husband add to her nightmare. Eventually, mother and baby find a way to love each other. In Truth and Sex- A young woman keeps a secret from her new boyfriend by distracting him with constant sex. Little Sins gives us a married woman, a handsome other man, and a desk. Next is Beds – One bed, two dysfunctional couples. In The Bull, a bull and a matador have an encounter  In Toasting Billy – an actor and an actress formerly married to each other and now divorced, and an older woman writer, attend the memorial tribute for a colleague. Finally, The Sin Eater of Cork takes us thirteenth century Ireland, where an old crone is hired to eat the sins of a recently dead old woman.

  • Cast Size: Flexible Casting
  • Running Time: Varies
  • Royalty Rate: $75 for the entire evening or $15/$25 for individual plays

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