The Fight

by Jonathan Leaf

In the early 1970s, Feminism split. One faction sought greater opportunities for women while still supporting the goals of marriage and motherhood. A second faction scorned marriage, saying that “women need men like a fish needs a bicycle.” THE FIGHT is a fictionalized look back. Grad student Caitlin Schultz visits the leaders of the two factions in order to understand their personal motives and the roots of their beliefs. That leads her into a suspenseful mystery. Critically lauded, THE FIGHT is a riveting drama of ideas. And with a cast of just five, it features three great roles for women.  

  • Cast Size: 2M 3W
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

Jonathan Leaf is a playwright, journalist and historian. His drama “Pushkin” was selected as one of the four best plays of 2018 by The Wall Street Journal. His comedy-drama “The Germans In Paris” was the highest-rated play by audience-survey on the Theatermania website of all the shows in New York during the course of its run. An independent survey also showed his play “Sexual Healing” was one of the highest-rated plays among New York audiences. His 2018 documentary play “The $18 Billion Prize,” co-written with Phelim McAleer, was a San Francisco Chronicle critics’ pick.

Jonathan has been nominated in the Innovative Theater (IT) Awards for Best Play of the Year for “The Caterers” and has received rave reviews for his work in The New YorkerThe Wall Street JournalThe New York Daily NewsThe New Criterion, BroadwayWorld, Show Business Weekly, National Review and many other publications.

As a journalist and critic, his writing has been featured in National Review, The Daily Beast, Spectator USA, Tablet, Mosaic, TheNew York Post, New York Press, City Journal, Humanities, The Weekly StandardModern AgeFirst Things, The AmericanThe New York Sun and many other publications.

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