The Ghosts of Us
Rebecca Gorman O’Neill

Emma and Jackson are getting a divorce.  To fulfill the terms of an ill-conceived prenuptial agreement, they must spend 36 hours together, no modern conveniences or distractions, before their divorce can be legally filed.In an idyllic cabin in the Rocky Mountains, the couple begins their 36 hours sentence.  They each bring backup: Jackson’s best friend Aiden, and Emma’s sister, Sophia. Aiden chooses this opportunity to profess his long-secret love for Emma, Jackson chooses this opportunity to profess his long-withheld lust for Sophia.  Each of the women, with their feelings for the wrong man, complete the love-square.As alliances shift, old grudges and long-held secrets emerge, until each member of the group is laid metaphorically bare before the others, revealing who is whole and who is broken, who holds the moral high ground, and who actually de-railed long ago.

Cast Size: 2M 2W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance 

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