The Importance of Being Cecily, or Cecil

by Daniel Curzon

The Importance of Being Cecily, or Cecil by Daniel Curzon dramatizes in a comedic way the problems of some folks in late Victorian England, as Oscar Wilde did not, could not, or would not do, lest he spend even more time in prison. We have Algernon , the ugly-named man about town, trying to arrange a suitable marriage with a pretty unsuitable girl, or maybe with her brother. We have Miss Prizzin, the governess, a thoroughly self-righteous and unbending “progressive.” Has she committed a series of crimes with her teapot, or has she been maligned? We have Lane, a manservant yearning for a strong woman in his life, but where is she? We have Lord Bracknell, Lady Bracknell’s husband, who cannot seem to escape his marital debt. Then there is Cecil, a willowy, poetic lad fond of willow banks and similes, but not assonance. The Usual Suspects? Hardly.

  • Cast Size: 3M 2W 1M or W
  • Running Time: 120+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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