by Andrea Aptecker

Violet and Douglas have moved into a historical home. It’s just lovely. But everything is not as it appears in this suspense/drama. Why has Douglas brought Violet to this home? What lurks here, in the shadows—waiting? Who is the charming mystery man Violet meets in the Great Room, and what will become of Violet when she discovers the secrets inside the house? Unrequited is a juicy, spooky play, rife with passion and spine-tingling twists and turns. The play is set in 1936, and though it takes place in the past, it is intended to be a raw, living, breathing story for modern audiences. 

  • Cast Size: 2M 3W
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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About the Playwright

A teacher and playwright from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Andrea Aptecker is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, and serves on the Board of Directors of Playwrights’ Platform in Boston. She recently completed the Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive. Her plays and monologues have been performed in the United States and UK. Recent plays include SHAKESPEARE AND JULIET, a one-act comedy/tragedy (Hibernian Hall Play-writing Lab Showcase), THIS HALLOWEEN IS FOR THE LADIES, a comedy (Playwrights’ Platform Annual Festival of New Plays, Turn Point Theatre), NEMESIS, a revenge thriller (Third Citizen Theatre Company), GET SEXY ON ZOOM, a comedy/drama (Left Edge Theatre), YOU CAN BAKE! (Cambridge Center for Adult Education Spring Fundraiser, Winding Road Theater Ensemble, Taphouse Theatre New Play Reading, Dragonfly Multicultural Arts Center, American Actors UK Virtual Theatre Event, Playbill Virtual Theatre Festival), and I GOT A DATE TONIGHT/BEAUTY PARLOR (The Drawing Board’s Evening of 10 Monologues, Lost Souls Monologues, London). You can read her play, UNAPOLOGETIC, in the Boston Theater Marathon XXII Anthology. For more information, please visit her on the New Play Exchange: 

Andrea Aptecker | New Play Exchange and Twitter: @AndreaAptecker.

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Wild, strange, beautiful

I saw a staged reading of this play when it was in the early stages of development, and it was so spooky — a lot of surprises and twists and turns, the actors had insane chemistry, it was sexy and dark but also with moments of unexpected humor. The dialogue is clever, sharp, elegant. But most of all, the 3 roles for women are fierce! And the role of Frederick, who starts out as a “rogue,” ends up being touching and a bit heartbreaking. Love love love this play.

11 months ago
J. Deschene

Scary, Sexy, and Everything in Between!

I had the pleasure of working on Unrequited in its early stages and I can honestly say that few new plays are as rich and timeless as this one. The characters are all incredibly juicy and would be a delightful challenge for any actor. Their journey is a true nail-biter all the way to the shocking climax and deeply satisfying denouement. Perfect for intimate spaces and folks who love ghost stories, I hope you’ll give this play a try. It’s a Turn of the Screw for a new era!

11 months ago
Peter Littlefield


I’ll just echo the preceding comments, which capture the spirit of this play very well. It’s spooky, funny and a little bit dark. It captures the confusion of a young woman who struggles to distinguish between her fears and her new husband’s obsessions. Attachments become ghosts that drag her into the shadows until she finds something elemental in herself to break their deadly grip.

11 months ago
Bob E.

Spooky, alluring; full of twists & turns

A delicious Gothic mystery with rich subtext and an acute sense for the dramatic both in story and the visuals. This haunting tale, set in a post-Depression, New York house full of history and mystery, is masterfully rolled out and is by turns lyrical, witty, seductive and dark – and always spellbinding! Each reveal tops the last! Hitchcock meets Noel Coward meets David Lynch. I was, as they say, on the edge of my seat!

8 months ago

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