Up the Fall

by Debbie Lamedman

The story of Up the Fall takes place in both Portland and a mythical other world. When the nefarious Graeae Sisters kidnap the three animal spirits that are responsible for the passage of time, the world’s salvation falls into the hands of Diana, a young disabled woman living in Portland. Together with a squirrel spirit named Ratatoskr, Diana travels to this land in order to help save it. Many of the elements of the story were inspired by Japanese, Chinese and Native American mythology.

  • Cast Size: Large Flexible Cast
  • Running Time: 90+ minutes
  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance

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Neil Andrews

Wonderful, Fanciful Adventure

I was thoroughly enthralled by the journey the entire time – never wanting it to end. And when it did, I was ready for it to begin anew. An instant classic. Right up there with the likes of Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz, et cetera. Disney needs to option the rights to this magnificent tale, as it belongs up there on both the stage and screen along with so many of the other notable works in their venerable catalogue. Kudos to Debbie Lamedman for creating, and bringing us into, a fantasy world unparalleled by the likes of any other. Can’t wait for the sequel.

12 months ago
Kelley Marchant


I had the privilege of seeing the first production of this show twice. I was so enamored with the characters, story and production that I had to get friends and family to take back a second time so I could share the experience. It was even better. Debbie Lamedman has an amazing way of creating a crossroad for fantasy and fable in a way that make you forget the world around you while making you want to be a better person when you remember where you really are at the end.

12 months ago
Donald Baker

Delightful uplifting fantasy

A young girl with a disability discovers strength and independence she didn’t know she had when she follows a squirrel through a portal into a world only she can save. A large but flexible cast with roles for adults and young people should appeal to community theaters. Designers would have fun with the costume possibilities for animals from various mythologies, which can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. This super fantasy with an uplifting message should delight audiences of all ages. Highly recommended.

7 months ago

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