Victoria for President! 1872

by Nancy Temple

THE STORY: This comedic play highlights the dramatic moments of a singular life. Victoria Woodhull, a believer in spiritualism, free love, suffrage, and labor rights, was the first woman to run for President, in 1872. She was also the first woman to address Congress, to open, with her sister Tennessee, the first brokerage firm in New York, the first to publish a weekly paper. She was variously considered the devil incarnate and the people’s savior. Kate, a high school student, is doing a history project about Victoria Woodhull. Her friend Leah visits, bringing a Ouija board, and together they summon the spirit of Victoria from the past. 

Cast Size: 15+ Characters (Doubling possible)
Running Time: 40-45 minutes
Royalty: $40 per Performance

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Ginger Newcombe

The Spirits Speak

The little-known story of feminist Victoria Woodhull, candidate for President in 1872 and free-thinker, is described in this lively drama which features today’s high school students. The play explores many 19th-century movements such as spiritualism, women’s suffrage, patent medicines, and marriage laws. Dialogues and action are lively and authentic. A terrific high school play.

11 months ago

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