Who Collects the Pain
Sean O’Connor

New York City. 1993. Twenty five years to the week after the shooting of Dr. Martin Luther King. Racial conflicts are erupting all over the streets of NY. Mickey, an idealistic, white, Columbia student,meets Lorraine, a beautiful, black, aspiring writer, who’s spent all her life in Harlem. Despite enmity on both sides (Mickey’s cousin Ryan, also at Columbia, harbors strong racial resentment; as does Lorraine’sbrother Mercy, and her recent ex-boyfriend Danny). Mickey and Lorraine begin a deep and passionate romance, which unhinges the volatile Danny. Tensions deepen even further when Ryan discovers that his brother Scottie’s watches (Scottie was killed in a racial incident out in Brooklyn) are missing. Believing that Danny stole the watches, Ryan grabs a gun and races off into the Harlem night. He arrives at Mercy’s apartment at exactly the same time that the enraged Danny has confronted Mickey and Lorraine. Domestic and social tensions explode simultaneously in this brilliant, award-winning drama.

Cast Size: 7M 1W
Running Time: 2 hrs
Royalty: $60 per performance

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