Who Killed Harry Hooter?
Gene Kato

Harry Hooter has enemies – and most of them are his friends! This interactive murder mystery is meant to be played out over a full 5-course dinner – immersing the audience into the crime scene. After a mishap with an air conditioning system – Harry ends up dead in front of the crowd, who now have to solve the crime before the evening is up. Who did it? Was it the bodyguard? The jilted girlfriend? The cocktail waitress? The Olive Man? The Detective? Perfect for fundraising or for groups who love interactive mysteries – “Who Killed Harry Hooter?” will keep your audiences guessing to the very end. 

Cast Size: 4M 2W
Running Time: 2 – 2 1/2 hrs (Meant to be performed through a 5-course meal)
Royalty: $40 per performance

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