Your Dilly Dilly Heart
Scott Gibson

Janis and Merle, two middle-aged widows, are on their annual summer vacation trip when they are uncere-moniously abducted by Beau, a twenty year-old escapee from a prison work farm, who holds them captive in a motel room. From the outset, it’s clear that Beau hasn’t entirely thought through his escape plan. He only wants to make his way back to his high school girlfriend, but selecting Merle and Janis as his means to of getting there may have been more than he bargained for. Your Dilly Dilly Heart delivers full-out laughs while examining the quiet lies we’ve begun to accept as fact, in order to get us to the end of the day. 

Cast Size: 1M 3W
Running Time: 1hr 45 minutes
Royalty: $60 per performance

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